We've joined McKinsey Digital​!

We've joined McKinsey Digital​!

We've joined McKinsey Digital to maximise the power of digital to support our clients from strategy to execution.

In February 2016 we created Hypothesis, a human centred, transformation and delivery business, founded on the idea that if we focused our energy on deeply understanding our clients, their people and customers, we could help them gain competitive advantage.

We’re proud of the real business outcomes we’ve achieved through our contextual and co-creative methods; and have had ambitions to extend the reach and scale of our work.

Design. Build. Transform

We’re a new breed of consulting firm that helps leaders accelerate their digital transformation by marrying deep digital innovation and lean-agile ways of working capabilities with a relentless focus on the customer.

What we do

Discover digital opportunities

  • Design sprint
  • Customer research
  • Service design
  • Prototype and test

Develop digital products

  • PoC and MVP development
  • Product management
  • Software engineering
  • User experience and interface design

Embed new ways of working

  • Lean-Agile consulting
  • Design and implement agile operating models
  • Capability uplift
  • Investment and portfolio management

Our capabilities

Our people are contextual, pragmatic and commercial. They have the expertise to work as an independent cross-functional team or as a complement to your existing team.

Either way, we embed ourselves within your environment to uplift your internal capability and accelerate delivery of your strategy.

Product Design

Our Product Designers focus on generating new ideas through rapid experimentation. Leveraging data insights and Human Centred Design, a deeper understanding of your user needs and behaviours are identified and relevant solutions created.

Product Management

Leading cross-functional product teams with a high level of accountability and empowerment, our Product Owners help you deliver viable and commercial business outcomes.

Software Engineering

Our technology-agnostic full-stack Engineers help you realise value sooner. With the skills to engage ‘the business’ on the why, what and how, they can quickly identify the right solution and build it the right way, and as your product matures user feedback informs quick adaptation.

Data Science

Helping you build a trusted relationship with AI, our Data Scientists create custom models with transparency, after first carefully identifying the problem you have. Enabling the adoption and effectiveness of leading technologies from day one.

Transformation Consulting

We offer a pragmatic blend of consulting and coaching; partnering with senior leaders to design and build contextual Agile operating models that most effectively execute on delivering business value.

Our way is to take action and deliver

results.This means rolling up our

sleeves and working with you to get

things done.

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