Standing up digital services that effectively meet citizens’ needs is a

big responsibility

How do you quickly identify the right problem to solve and gain the confidence to start building the right solution?

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Leveraging Design Thinking and Lean Start-up principles a Design Sprint can help you define, iterate and validate a digital prototype in just four days.

Delivered in person or remotely, they are especially effective when:

  • There is pressure to ‘innovate’ but you don’t know where to start
  • There is a lack of data to inform decision making
  • Teams are unable to align on objectives and are spiralling in conversation and guesswork

The value of running a design sprint

Aligned team

Our facilitators ensure all voices are heard, and agreement and commitment to decisions made, as often the lack of alignment between senior leaders, prevent any progress being made.

Tangible results

We provide your team with the focus and structure needed to create and test different solutions, enabling rapid problem solving within our proven methodology.

Data-driven decision making

Better decisions are made when based on real user feedback. When this happens, you significantly increase your chances of delivering a solution that will deliver value.

Reduced costs

The concept of timeboxing a design sprint to four days ensures the team remains focused on solving the problem quickly and efficiently. It’s short, it’s sharp and it gets results.

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Learn more about how we're helping state and federal government deliver digital services

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