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Empowering the voice of Australian citizens

How we helped government services empower citizens to have their say in just 5 weeks.

Business challenge

A 2015 survey showed complaint handling was a major frustration for the citizens of a State.


So the government made a commitment to create an environment where complaints, feedback and suggestions could be submitted easily and seamlessly, regardless of the agency the feedback was for.


However creating and implementing one feedback system across 300 government agencies and more than 7,200 websites, was proving a difficult task.


Hypothesis was asked to help move the process forward, in the right way.

Problem statement

How do we make it easy for Australian citizens to provide feedback on government services?

Hypothesis involvement

We began by understanding the behaviours and needs of both citizens and government employees.


This allowed us to collaborate with the government, and reflect on the perspective of the Australian citizen, rather than the government’s own vision.


Four prototypes followed. Significant testing of each led to the integration of a pilot product into existing complaints handling procedures, opening up dialogue for the resolution of citizen complaints.

We’ve never gone from: what do we do, to seeing a real working solution in government in 5 weeks!”

- State Government Official

Technologies used

HTML, CSS, Javascript

The outcome

Customer engagement and client collaboration were the keys to creating value for our client.


Engaging directly with citizens helped us quickly identify failure points of existing feedback processes.


Collaborating with government teams allowed us to pilot a prototype with incredible speed.


With Hypothesis support, the government gave citizens an easy way to interact with them, while also delivering meaningful metrics and insights to help identify macro trends and future issues.

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Key success measures

The pilot’s success revealed that by creating a solution to meet the needs of Australian citizens, we could also help government achieve their leadership’s vision.


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