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Five-day design sprint delivers leadership alignment and a value-add digital prototype for global investment bank.

Industry: Financial Services

About our client

Our Client is the Capital Advisory division of a leading global investment bank and financial services company with over 17,000 employees in 25 countries.

Business challenge

For a period of two years, our client had discussed the idea of a digital solution that would provide their large enterprise CFO clients with real-time market intelligence but had been unable to gain leadership consensus as to what their clients needed and how to proceed.

Problem statements

How do we leverage our industry leading data and analytics capabilities to provide time poor CFO clients with personalised, real-time market intelligence that adds value to their business, and positions us as a favourable option when they need to access capital markets in the future?

Hypothesis involvement

Hypothesis was asked by the Divisional Director to design and facilitate a workshop session with their leadership team to help define a set of features for a mobile app that they were considering developing.


It quickly became clear that not all the internal and external pain points were understood, and that the proposed solution had not been adequately validated with clients. As a result, there was a considerable lack of alignment within the team and no clear path for moving forward.


We quickly pivoted the proposed workshop to a 5-day Design Sprint where our digital strategy and experience design team were able to guide our client’s team to an aligned vision and a set of solution concepts that were further refined and tested with clients.


At the end of the Design Sprint a functional prototype was created ready for more client testing and refinement based on their feedback and insights.

Product Designer

“The Hypothesis team guided the workshop well to get us the most optimal result”

- Executive Director


  • Within 5 days the Hypothesis team were able to shape an idea into a digital prototype, ready to be tested with real clients.
  • Based on these client interactions, new key insights were uncovered, and assumptions resolved, giving the leadership team the confidence to make the right decisions to further progress and develop the solution.
  • The solution was developed soon after and quickly became a valuable source of insights and information for CFO clients, fulfilling its purpose and intent.

Key success measures

An idea in the making for two years was delivered in the form of a prototype, ready to be further shown and tested with clients within five days.


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