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Internal culture shapes product delivery

How we helped an organisation’s IT department reshape their working culture to deliver products that meet their customers’ needs.

Problem statement

How can an internal IT department reshape its mindset to drive cultural change that delivers on customer needs?

Prior landscape

With a demanding software delivery environment and strained internal relationships, our client wanted to shift their IT department’s working paradigm from a typical service delivery model to one of partnership with the business. 

Our involvement

To help our client implement significant cultural change, we first agreed on a set of change principles which everyone would be held accountable to.


We followed this by:

  • embedding Hypothesis expertise to coach leaders, teams and individuals in new ways of thinking;
  • challenging our client’s perceptions on their end customer;
  • providing dedicated, on demand team and individual coaching; and
  • creating a safe space for employees to explore, experiment and ask questions.

Value created for people

Shifting our clients mindset to focus on the end customer rather than internal stakeholders has seen significant value delivered, including:

  • improved employee morale;
  • self-organising and empowered people;
  • new product development that meets client needs; and
  • re-establishment of trusted relationships between IT and other business stakeholders.

Key success measures

By reframing our client’s focus on the end customer, we helped create a platform for positive cultural change towards self-organisation and an empowered workforce, while re-establishing trusted relationships across the organisation.


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