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Taking an idea and making it a reality in 5 weeks

Industry: Information Technology & Services

About our client

A fast-growing and global AI Analytics SaaS Platform and is the world’s data source for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work. 

Business challenge

Our client had done extensive research to predict how technology would impact the future of work. They had been developing several complex data models and needed a digital mechanism to interpret these models, allowing their customers to better understand the impact technology would have on their business over the next 15 years.

Our solution

​Hypothesis helped build out the MVP (minimum viable product) which was designed, built and launched within 5 weeks.


The AI Analytics SaaS Platform blends proprietary analytics with client data to predict the impact of emerging technology on any job, workforce, company, industry, location or economy. As a result, this enables companies and governments to:


• validate and prioritise digital transformation agendas,
• re-skill employees for the future,
• develop better strategies and policies, and,
• make smarter investment decisions.

Digital Product


Our business was able to achieve this result by understanding the underly data and working with it in a way that would make sense to c-suite executives. We leveraged the Amazon Web Service platform to fast track the development of the entire solution validating the desirability as we built out each component.

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