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The leadership team of a global professional services firm gained alignment on a digital strategy and progressed from conceptual ideas to a tangible solution in five days.

Industry: Financial Services

About our client

Our client is a global professional services firm that operates in 60 locations across 20 countries. The business has over 2,000 experts who provide the Fortune 500 with human resource and planning solutions.

Business challenge

For 18 months the global leadership team had failed to reach alignment on how to develop and execute a digital strategy that leveraged previously untapped data to gain a competitive advantage.

Problem statements

  • How do we quickly uncover and shape ideas into digital solutions that can help us gain market share over our competitors?
  • How do we leverage our data to help our clients make more informed human resources planning and management decisions?

Our solution

With deep expertise in digital strategy and experience design, Hypothesis facilitated a 5-day Design Sprint with our client’s global leadership team that included executive representation from all international regions.


Using proven and structured design methods, journey mapping and data analysis, our skilled facilitators guided the team to a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs and pain points, and helped them identify several potential digital solutions.


These solutions were tested with real clients resulting in group wide alignment and buy-in on a single solution that would automate the process of offering market leading value to customers, sustainably positioning the company as the go-to source within their field.   

Digital Prototype


  • By creating the space for the team to focus and have structured outcome-based conversations, alignment could be reached on their collective key problems, value proposition and vision
  • Through the design sprint process the leaders gained deeper insight into their clients’ needs and context, and made decisions on how to progress with a digital solution that was tested via real client feedback
  • Ideas were quickly shaped into a tangible solution, in the form of a digital prototype
  • Armed with the prototype, the leaders were equipped to further validate, build momentum internally and prioritise product development which is now being planned.

Key success measures

By leveraging a Hypothesis Design Sprint our Client was able to turn their conceptual ideas into a digital prototype ready for further validation and implementation.


Despite complex subject matter and representation from several regions of the global business, agreement on a solution was reached in a very short space of time, something the team had failed to do despite significant effort over the previous 18 months.

“Expert practioners who very quickly understood our business to help tease out a better thought process and solution(s).”

- Global Leader


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