Creating a positive customer experience

How we helped transform the payment experience for taxi drivers and their passengers.

Problem statement

How can the taxi payment process be simplified to reduce both driver and passenger frustrations?

Prior landscape

Clunky and out of date hardware often makes the payment process at the end of a taxi ride slow and frustrating for everyone involved.


Our client wanted to disrupt this experience by partnering with taxi drivers to create a new payments platform which removed dependency on third party operators, while also improving the passenger experience.

Our involvement

Previous collaborations with our client provided unique insights into this current challenge.


We were able to take those insights to create a multi-skilled team that was empowered to get the job done.


Working together, we interviewed drivers and passengers to help us define the ideal taxi payment process.


And while building a product that met the market demands, we also focussed on creating a safe and collaborative environment that facilitated the transfer of Hypothesis skills to our client’s people.

Value created for people

Within six months, our client had a fast payment application that provided real time trip display.


Our client has seen rapid driver adoption with more than 7,000 terminals in market, and an App rating of 4.8 on the Apple Store.


Our client now also has the internal capability to continue developing the product to meet the ever changing demands of the market.

0 stars
Apple App Store rating up from 3 to 4.8 stars (out of 5)

Key success measures

By focussing on a digital solution rather than a hardware upgrade, we helped our client transform the payment experience for taxi drivers and their passengers.




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