Customer focus improves working culture

How we helped a leading personal transport provider transform their workforce culture to remain relevant in a disrupted marketplace.

Problem statement

How does a company create internal disruption to ensure long-term relevance in an increasingly competitive market?

Prior landscape

Despite a long history of success, new entrants and market disruptions made it clear to our client they must make a radical shift to enjoy continued success.

Our involvement

To help our client identify and implement a new organisational structure that would support a cultural shift without delaying existing projects, we:

  • workshopped a vision of success with our client’s leadership team;
  • defined a clear direction for organisational restructure; and
  • immersed ourselves in our client’s environment.

Being an integral part of the team allowed us to alleviate employee fears of change, while also ensuring our client’s ability to deliver wasn’t compromised. 


Our depth of involvement gave the executive team confidence that the cultural shift was working.

“Hypothesis has a laser focus on quality outcomes.”

- Chief Technology Officer

Value created for people

Helping our client transform to a customer centric culture has delivered significant value including:

  • increases in employee engagement and satisfaction;
  • new products positively received by the marketplace;
  • improved customer reviews and ratings; and
  • reduction in customer complaints.

Key success measures

Helping a leading personal transport provider transform to a customer focused culture has revitalised employee engagement and ensured their continued relevance in a disrupted marketplace.




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