Digital disruption drives new revenue stream

How can a financial institution transform their research business to create a new multi-million-dollar revenue stream?

Problem statement

How can traders in a niche market pique their clients’ interest to reduce approval time and ensure the capture of unique trade opportunities?

Prior landscape

Due to a high touch, and very manual, customer service model, access to our client’s award winning market research was traditionally reserved for corporate clients with large research budgets. 


Our clients wanted to disrupt the market by giving more people access to valuable information at an affordable price.

Our involvement

To help our client disrupt the market and build internal capability, we embedded Hypothesis experts directly into their delivery team.


Working together, the team built an initial prototype for customer testing, while also beginning development of the final product.


This allowed the integration of customer feedback, while also ensuring speed to market with a new product.


To mitigate the risks associated with market disruption, we also recommended regular reviews with our client’s senior leadership. 

“The Hypothesis team educated (formally and informally) our staff on how agile works within teams, while driving agile adoption more broadly across various parts of the business. They also helped us deliver products by developing a robust agile delivery capability.”

Value created for people

Working together with our client, Hypotheses delivered the following value:

  • A live product to help customers make informed investment decisions to suit their needs
  • A new revenue stream with an expanded customer base
  • Internal capability to develop new products, quickly.

All of which has helped cement our client’s position as a leading innovator in the research market.

Key success measures

By embedding Hypothesis expertise directly into our client’s business, we helped them disrupt the world of market research, build a new revenue stream, and create internal capability for fast product development.




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