Driving culture change with a digital platform

How we helped a Federal Government Agency transform a simple survey into a platform for culture change in local sporting communities

Problem statement

Our initial discussions revealed three key problem statements:


How do we increase the number and quality of responses to a digital survey about annual club performance?


How do we get passionate community locals to provide valuable information to a governing body they inherently distrust?


How do we help the Federal Government Agency become a trusted partner to state and club sporting communities so they can share insights and best practices?

Prior landscape

A poor relationship between state and club level sporting clubs and the Federal Government Agency led to the capture of limited and poor quality data, resulting in generic recommendations being provided to sporting committees.


These generic recommendations further fuelled the underlying mistrust of governing bodies by state and club level sports.

Our involvement

Our more human involvement began by:

  • Identifying the customer
  • Studying existing system and documentation
  • Collaborating for an aligned approach

The result was three working prototypes developed for future exploration.

“I’ve worked with a whole range of consultants over my 13 years and this one I enjoyed a whole lot more”

- Federal Government Agency Official

Value created for people

We made two initial recommendations:


01 Improve usability of the ASC’s Federal Government Agency’s existing performance assessment survey tool.


02 Build a digital platform allowing direct communication between individual sporting committees and their respective governing body.


This combination aimed to improve current user experience, while creating a more human foundation to improve relationship overtime.


However, testing highlighted more was needed to ensure a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.


Our third prototype focused on an immersive experience with complete transparency, open communication, and space to collaborate, all backed by data driven recommendations.


Testing of this prototype landed well with both clubs and the Federal Government Agency.


Our client has since made the implementation of these recommendations a strategic priority for the future.

Key success measures

The Federal Government Agency engaged us to drive uptake on their existing performance survey.

But by reframing their approach to challenges, we helped them transform a simple survey into a platform for culture change.


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