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Both physicians and patients increasingly expect tailored information from pharma companies. For healthcare providers in particular, only 50% of HCPs appreciate the current level, quality and frequency of engagement. At the same time, use of digital channels and remote engagement have been accelerated by COVID-19 and 75% of HCPs report a mismatch between their preferred versus ​ the actual mix of engagement channels.

As pharma companies look to tackle the challenge of effective physician and patient engagement, commercial leaders face several critical questions:

  • How can you create personalized, high quality content in both a rapid and scalable fashion?
  • How should you optimize channel and resource allocation while maximizing HCP and patient impact?
  • How do you track performance and impact of all of your interactions against business objectives?
  • How do you transform your operating model (capabilities, roles, talent) to enable this new engagement approach and address evolving needs of HCPs and patients?

This microsite provides a broad overview of our approach to Pharma Commercial Transformation. You can discover a series of webinars and presentations delivered by industry leaders and McKinsey experts that walk through practical steps that commercial leaders can take to transform their future operating model

5 core elements of best-in-class Pharma Commercial Transformation

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